Opinion editorial on burger king advertising as journalist choosed

Based on this link and journalist style: http://time.com/68045/sexist-commercials-directv-bourbon/

Upload the following, ideally as a single document:
­ Text type (Opinion Editorial) 800­1000 words
­ Rationale (including a list of sources, and a link to your Opinion Editorial 200­300 words
_________ WrittenTas
k checklist:
⁃ Choose a specific advert to focus on: Burger King controversial advert
⁃ Choose an authentic text type: Opinion Editorial
⁃ A specific publication: Time news
⁃ Link: http://time.com/68045/sexist­commercials­directv­bourbon/
” Commercials Have Been Super Sexist Lately”
⁃ Study the journalistic style: Eliana Dockterman
⁃. And study her typical features of that journalist and that publication (eg the tone,
layout, use of sources, paragraph length…)
⁃ A clear purpose for your text that explores the Learning Outcome: The
damage done by adverts that glamourise sexual violence.
⁃ whilst building credibility (eg referencing Jean Kilbourne, using subject
ecific vocabulary and academic theory).
For highest marks, the text type should ‘look and sound’ almost identical to the
authentic style model (publication and writer)
CONTENT For my chosen text type, I have shown…
⁃ satisfactory/good/excellent understanding of the topic
CONVENTIONS OF TEXT TYPE For my text type, I have shown…
⁃ satisfactory/good/excellent understanding of audience
⁃ satisfactory/good/excellent purpose
⁃ satisfactory/good/excellent layout and organisation
⁃ satisfactory/good/excellent style like the journalist I have choose
⁃ satisfactory/good/excellent use of visual features for feature article
LANGUAGE For my chosen text type, I have shown…
⁃ satisfactory/good/excellent language and the style
⁃ satisfactory/good/excellent degree of accuracy
⁃ satisfactory/good/excellent sentence construction and vocabulary
⁃ satisfactory/good/excellent register
For highest marks, the rationale should offer a clear guide to the thinking behind the
choice of task. Opinion editorial that could be ‘found’ in an existing publication.
I have shown…
⁃ how the content of the task is linked to a particular part of the course ie. This
tten Task is from Part 2 of the course where we explored a range of…
⁃ how the task is intended to explore a particular aspect of the course ie
ecifically, my task explores…
⁃ clear identification and understanding of my chosen audience and purpose ie.
In writing for the Times.com , my audience is… whilst my article’s purpose is to…
⁃ an authentic context in which the task is set ie My Opinion Editorial would be
und in a publication such as the Times.com online, because…
⁃ evidence of the research or scope of investigation for both content and the
text type ie To write credibility, I used many facts from Jean Kilbourne’s lecture…
⁃ specific references to my text type that illustrates the above ie Like Maureen
Dowd, in my Op­Ed,