Organizational Development and Training

Review Chapter 6 of your textbook and discuss the topic Remember that when posting your initial note you should provide, a reliable source (peer reviewed article, reliable webpage [.org, .gov, or international organization]) to support your ideas. Make sure that you use a parenthetical citation in your text and the reference at the end of your discussion using in both cases the APA citations and references style. Use the Library to find your peer reviewed articles and download your article in PDF format so you can also attach it on the bottom of your note after the APA reference so your peers are able to review it too.

Learning Module Objectives

Upon completion of this module the successful student will be
able to:
1. Discuss the role of organizational development and training
and its contribution to the bottom line.
2. Define the process of training and development.
3. Express the different between on‐the‐job and off‐the‐job
training methods.
4. Recognize the importance of formal and informal
5. Explain the process of succession planning development and management.