Other Ways of Seeing Forum

The subject is critical reading and writing.
Please answer the following two questions. Your total response should be 200-400 words.

1. Wade Davis, like Kent Lewis in the introduction to Word and World, notes that language is the lens through which we see the world. He also notes that we might see the collection of languages and cultures in our world as an “ethnosphere” that is extremely useful for humanity as a species as it contains within it so many different ways of solving problems. Davis laments the loss of languages and cultures because they make us poorer as a species. How do you think we might work to protect linguistic and cultural richness?

2. Davis et al (2003) note that Leslie Marmon Silko’s stories attempt to weave together disparate times and traditions into a coherent, if often troubling and troubled, story. Her goal is nothing less than a comprehensive vision that might enable readers to rethink their relation to others, the land, history, and themselves in such a way as to promote balance and understanding in a world otherwise likely to unravel at its rough-hewn seams. (1329)

Think carefully about this quotation. To what extent does storytelling play this role in the early 21st century?

second link : https://www.ted.com/talks/wade_davis_on_endangered_cultures