Outlawing Dangerous Breeds of dogs through breed specific legislation

Consider and comment on each of the following: (1) The risks and benefits of outlawing “dangerous” breeds of dogs through Breed Specific Legislation (BSL)? (2) The seriousness of the problem from a public health perspective (accidental or intentional death or injury from various causes), (3) Social impact (that is how victims of dog-bite-related fatalities and the owners of innocent dogs are affected), (4) What factors have been shown to be associated with dog bite fatalities?
******For example, for the topic of Breed Specific Legislation, you are asked to consider whether or not dangerous breeds of dogs be outlawed through Breed Specific Legislation (BSL)? Consider the evidence, seriousness of the problem from a public health perspective, social impact, and rights of non-human organisms, and the effectiveness of BSL with respect to saving lives.. So, there are four (6) subtopic areas you must address