Paper 2: Character Analysis

General Info.:
 800-1000 words
 Will use research
 Document MLA
 Due date is on reading schedule
 Turn in hardcopy at the beginning of class (in a 2 pocket folder) and upload it to the dropbox on eLearn by 11:59 pm on the due date
 Formal Essay—so be formal with your writing
When authors create characters whether it is for comics or film, they must consider many questions. Creating a character is not just as simple as drawing a figure and naming it. They have to consider who the character is, family, origin stories, if the character is going to be a villain, and so much more. However, one of the most important aspects of creating a character is to consider a character’s motivations. What makes a character behave the way s/he does? What drives this character? What issues does this character have or face on a daily basis? These are just some example questions to consider. There are many more, of course.
For this first paper, I want you to explore the importance of characters in comics, and then you will pick one character and analyze that character. Consider the character’s origin story, if the character is an archetype, and/or what kind of hero (tragic, epic, anti-hero, Byronic, and so on) the character is, the context in which the character was created, who created this character, and so forth. No comparing or contrasting. I want you to really invest your time in one character and not feel overwhelmed.
You can consider your connection to this character. Perhaps you first saw this character in a television show or film. Draw on your knowledge. You have to decide on your approach to this topic; however, I will be happy to brainstorm with you during my office hours. Draw from our class discussions to give you some ideas. Take good notes. Talk to your classmates. You need to consider our class discussions and additional readings to help you with this assignment.Use the additional handouts posted on eLearn to help you understand this assignment.
Research Component:
You will need to read at least 3 issues of a comic or a trade (a collection of several issues in one volume) that features this character. Ideally, you should read more to get a better understanding of this character. You can use the comics I bring to class or keep in my office. In addition, you can search the internet for free comics—google “free comics.” There are a lot of sites that offer free comics. Go to DC’s and Marvel’s homepages and search them. The Nashville Public Library has a free app and you can check out comics via the app for free.
You will be allowed to find 2(no more, no less) credible and reliable secondary sources to cite in this paper. You can use the articles I posted on eLearn; however, if you find your own, it can come from book and/or articles you find on the databases from TSU’s library homepage or the internet but it must be a reliable, credible source (.org, .edu, .gov and some .com sites). You are not allowed to use: Wiki, message boards, emails, Encyclopedia entries, a religious text, and any unreliable source. You are responsible for knowing whether or not a source is reliable and credible. See your textbook and the OWL website about using and evaluating sources. If you are not sure, see a librarian or me. You can use a dictionary definition to define a word to make your point clearer, but it will not count as a secondary source. Using unreliable sources may result in failure for this assignment.
You are required to quote from your primary source (the comics) and at least one time from your secondary sources.
Use the sources to enhance your writing, but do NOT let them dominate your paper. Remember that this paper reflects your analysis of this character. Only cite the information you need to support your point(s). For instance, you might use the sources to support a claim you make or to give you something with which to disagree.
Follow MLA documentation. Use your book to help you and/or the OWL website. Don’t forget to do a works cited page for this assignment. You will have 3-5 sources on it. If you do not do a works cited page correctly, you will lose at least a letter grade and risk failing the assignment.
Remember to be formal with your writing. No second person is allowed. Use the handouts, links, handbook, and the chapter on literary analysis in the book to help you. You can also email me with questions/ideas. Not following directions will cause your grade to be lowered, and this includes bringing in your source on workshop day, meeting with me for a conference, and rough drafts when they are due. You also risk failing the assignment if you do not upload your paper (with the works cited page) to the dropbox on eLearn by the deadline. Remember uploading a final copy of your paper to the dropbox is a requirement.