Paper Two: Explanatory Synthesis

For your second paper, write an explanatory synthesis of “CQ Researcher: The Gender Pay Gap,” “The Wage Gap: Unconscious Bia in Judging

the Value of Predominantly Female Professions,” “American Women and the Wage Gap,” and “CQ Researcher: Women and Work”. In this explanatory

synthesis, you should explainseveralpossible causes of the gender wage gap and what laws/legislation is being pursued in order to close the

gap. You should use the information in the sources to explain those points. You should synthesize your sources by addressing one causeor piece

of legislation at a time, rather than addressing one source at a time. Because you will not have the time or space to discuss all of the

possible causes of the gender wage gap or all of the legislation being considered to help close it, you will need to focus on those causes and

pieces of legislation that you think are the most important and identify those in you thesis statement, but you are not making an argument

about their importance. The sole purpose of this paper is to explain the major causes of the gender wage gap and what types of legislation has

been proposed to combat it.

Paper two will be worth 15% of your final grade. Because you are dealing with a number of sources, your paper must include parenthetical

citations whenever you quote, paraphrase, or summarize the articles. You will be held responsible for all the grammar and organizational topics

we have covered in class up to this point, so do not forget to revise and proofread as you type your essay. Should be 3-4 double spaced pages