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Order type: Research PaperSubject: PhilosophyAcademic level: Not specifiedStyle: APA
This paper is part of Research Paper. As the instructor just request the below from students, I am adding as a new order, but it relates the the research paper you completed. He requested the submission of a Topic along with the following: Below is what instructor posted….A common error is to mistake for “trivial” that which is important. Your topic description is a case in point. I caution you that this is the early stage of the biggest assignment in the course: the final essay (200 points). This means you must thoughtfully plan the essay by conducting additional research and reading (keep track of outside sources; they count as sources for the final essay if used), making outlines, and attempting to craft a tentative thesis statement.I am sending you this guidance well in advance of the due date for the research topic description so you can get started. I want to be sure that students understand that I expect considerable thought and planning behind the topic description. DO NOT send me a quick write-up of an idea. Superficial work will be returned immediately for deeper thought and reflection. I expect the student to have read about the subject, have an idea of the literature available, assessed the availability of primary source material, scribble and outline that follows the PERSUASIVE essay format, and crafted a tentative thesis statement. To further assist you in preparation and submission of a topic description, I provide the following guidance.Topic description reflect your considered selection for final paper. The purpose of this exercise is to assure that the student understands the topic and can demonstrate appropriate focus on your subject. This means you need to complete some background reading on the topic. The literature review provided you an opportunity to do just that. Here are my expectations I will look for an acceptable topic description in order to move forward with your final essay.To assure students success in submitting an acceptable topic description, the student should address the following checklist. Although you will be awarded 25 points, you hypothetical score must exceed a score of 22 points. Write a detailed description approximately 200 – 250 words, and submit a description of your topic so that address the concerns in the rubric.Hypothetical Topic Description Rubric/ChecklistEvidences that the student has read at least 2 articles related to their final essay. 5Describes succinctly three issues involved with selected topic 6The student is able to express a tentative thesis statement for the essay in 25 words. (Break out separate from the topic description.) For the guidance from October 30 for the expanded essay, i.e. clear & thoughtful WHAT/ WHY components. 5Articles a method for analysis that underlies the essay in the paper e.g. comparison/contrast, policy study, character analysis, other (not mutually exclusive methods). 5Length around 200 words plus thesis statement. 4===============