PayPal Company Recommendations and Conclusions

(Unit 7)Complete the last two sections of the project Recommendations and Conclusion on PayPal Company analysis.
Detailed Instructions:
1. Company analysis – Recommendations Based on your analysis, recommend to an investor if he/she should or should not invest in the company. Give specific reasons for your recommendation. If the recommendation is to invest – what should the investor look for in the future – will the company grow? Is it a risky investment? How will the investor know when to sell the shares? If the recommendation is to not invest – what would have to change for the company to become a good investment? The recommendations section should be 300-500 words be sure that you anticipate questions and provide answers in this section.
Write a Conclusion The conclusion should remind the reader of the purpose of your paper and give the information that you said you were going to give when you wrote your introduction – the first place to begin is to review the introduction – does it still make sense? Does the conclusion you are writing “close the loop” for the reader?
Purdue OWL resources:

Writing a Conclusion for a Research Paper

Part 2. Please submit power point separate from the paper.
Complete a PowerPoint presentation
Create a 3-5 minute PowerPoint presentation
Using PowerPoint, create a 3-5 minute presentation based on your research and findings. For the PayPal company analysis – you have 3-5 minutes to convince an investor to either invest or not invest in the PayPal company. Do not use too many slides – 5-6 maximum. Do not try to give too much information – the investor also has the paper to review. Remember – less can be more so keep the slides simple, don’t use animations or fancy backgrounds – you want the investor to focus on the information and to make the decision that you suggest.

The final project which is made-up of two parts the PowerPoint presentation , and the completed Project paper. The final project should include all of the previously written sections on PayPal, and an executive summary will also be written with the final project. The executive summary (also called an abstract in academic papers) is a one- two page summary that contains all of the critical information from the researched paper.