Pearl Harbor Address to the Nation- Speech Analysis

Speech Analysis Worksheet
Guidance on how to respond to each question is provided in green text.

Purpose: Why is the speech being given?

Speaker’s background knowledge: Education, experience, expertise in the topic of the speech.

Influences (traditional, cultural, historical): What experiences affect how this speaker views the subject of the speech (Example:

Listener’s background knowledge: What makes this speaker worth listening to on this topic?

See the “Types of Arguments” table on page 412 for more information.
Arguments Evidence/Support Possible flaws
1. Does the speaker use analogy? A. A.

B. B.
2. Does the speaker use authority? A. A.

B. B.

3. Does the speaker use Emotion?
A. A.

B. B.

4. Does the speaker use Causation?
A. A.


Repeated words: What important words or phrases did the speaker repeat several times in the speech?




Emphasized words/ phrases: What words or phrases were emphasized either by increased volume, or gesturing when saying them?




Tone: What is the speaker’s attitude toward the topic on which s/he is speaking? Positive? Angry? Reflective?

Word choice (positive or negative language):
Does the speaker use mostly positive words or negative words?

Rate of speech (fast, moderate, slow):

Appropriateness for audience, subject, occasion:
Did it make sense that the speaker was giving the speech to this particular audience on this occasion?

Non-verbal gestures

Eye contact: Did the speaker make eye contact regularly with the audience (or mostly look at a text and read it off)

Facial expressions:
How did the speaker appear as s/he spoke? Smiling? Frowning? Etc.

What types of hand movements does the speaker make?

Pauses: When does the speaker pause? What is the effect of these pauses?

Increases or decreases in speaking volume:
When does the speaker raise or lower voice? What does this convey to the audience?

Overall Impression

Speaker: What did you think of the speaker?

Speech: What did you think of the message of the speech and how the speaker conveyed that message?