Perfusion Weighted Imaging in MRI


Assignment 2 Questions
Discussion questions relating to Modules 4-6.
Discuss the use of exogenous and endogenous tracers in perfusion-weighted imaging. Compare and contrast the two methods. How is the final perfusion information obtained and what value does it have in a clinical setting? (3500 words without counting references).
The answer of the questions are available in modules from 4 to 6 which are attached to you with 3 sample answers and the first sample is the best sample answer wile sample 2 (paraphrasing of sample 1) is slightly different from sample 1 but sample 1 got higher mark. For sample 3 it seems different but it got mark of 12 out of 20 (low mark). As I said answers found in modules from 4 -6 but extra references are needed and pictures and images can be taken from modules and from other sources such as MRI from proton to density (McRobbie, 2006). Also there are many references are in sample answers and can be used. The structure of modules is very good to follow in addressing answer.
Please read question, sample answers and modules carefully before you start as it will make it easy for and give you good idea about topic.
Equations to be taken from modules only.
The answer should be like a summary of the modules (4,5 and 6).
10 references are needed ate least.