Personal Statement – Graduate School Admission


I want to include my childhood experiences that allow come to accept different perspectives from different cultures. Then how first pick based on popularity is not always the answer (switching major from biomedical engineering to psychology) then move how I found my major in psychology through reflecting back on my childhood, the perspective gained from different cultures that gave me a love for wanted to learn how other people think and what made them think the way they do. Add in my experiences working in Bio medical engineering lab, a bio chemistry lab, Children hospital volunteering and independent study in psychology that shows my improvement in work ethnics and interest in research through the years
This is some stuff i have so far
Even as an individual who has barely experienced a quarter of his own life expectancy, it is hard for me to condense the sum of my experiences into two pages. Thus, I want to be as concise as possible in explaining how psychology became my choice of expertise.
I came to the resolution to become a psychologist with no specific proclivity toward the subject. Instead a sequence of events influenced my decision. The first of which, goes back to my childhood. My childhood could be categorized by a series of geological locations including China, South Korean, Japan and The United States. My father was a professor of polymer engineering and as he advanced his degree in each location, my family moved along with him.
As a result, my upbringing was shaped by an eclectic mix of western and eastern cultures. This gave me an enhanced ability to understand and accept new situations by looking through a different perspective, whether they are an entire culture or one individual person. As with my
However, the drawback to being more liberal toward different perspectives comes from inexperience. As proven with cognitive development, teenagers do not make the best judgments. When mixed with so many points of view, my decisions at a younger age tended to be more capricious. One example of this came from
Though I am resolved in my choice of major, I still had a lot of learn about my work ethic.
Even though Freud influence on contemporary clinical psychology is fading. His impact on psychology as a whole was anything but ephemeral. And as he once wrote, “One day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful. “