Personalisation While personalisation holds great promise for online marketers, it also is controversial. Discuss the benefits and concerns surrounding personalisation and identify ways that marketers can respond to those issues. The seminar paper will cover a comprehensive review of the topic literature and its relevance to current e-marketing issues facing business. Critical, Analytical And Integrative Thinking Quality of literature search and review: Comprehensive analysis and discussion of the literature relevant to the research topic Reflection: Style, construction and development of argument References and evidence: appropriate use of references, theory and evidences to support arguments Drawing valid conclusions Summarises the key findings in a concise yet comprehensive manner Written Communication Skills Structure, clarity and conciseness: readability, layout, answer the question, succinct Technical writing skills: spelling, punctuation, grammar and general proof-reading, Appendices, tables and figures are appropriately presented Academic integrity: Referencing and in-text citations in Harvard Style Holistic judgment
Moreover,this paper need conclusion,could u add the conclution(drawing valid conclusions )
Please make sure to follow the introduction as well as the conclusion.