Personality Traits


Question 1: Use the DISC profile to compare and contrast the personalities of the two characters in one of the following pairs:
1 Rashed and James
Question 2: Use the MBTI to write a very brief profile of the key personality traits of the following character from the case study. Compare that with your own personality profile and explain the main similarity(/ies)/difference(s).
2 James
• Write no more than 200 words per answer on a single sheet of A4 paper in double spacing, printed back to back.
• Insert the word count in brackets at the end of each answer, e.g. (198)
• It is not necessary to use citations to the case material, or class notes on DISC or MBTI – any other sources of ideas must be cited. Citations and the reference list, if included, must be in APA style and are not included in the word count.
• Hand in a hard copy of your assignment no later than the start of class on Tuesday, 4 October 2013 at 13:00.
The following questions will guide the assessment of your answers:
Independent work: Did s/he demonstrate appropriate independence in the preparation for this assignment?
Traits defined: Did s/he define each applied personality trait correctly?
Evidence: Did s/he provide evidence from the case study to substantiate inferences about personality traits?
Model understanding: Did s/he demonstrate an acceptable level of understanding of the elements of the model (DISC or MBTI) when s/he used arguments to infer personality traits?
Facts: Were the facts presented accurate?
Conclusion: Was a logical conclusion reached?
Language: Did s/he communicate effectively in business English?