Persuasive Memo Final

You will need to justify why this issue is worthy of the company’s involvement, show how this issue has a logical connection to your company, and thoroughly explain how the program will operate, be implemented, and how it will benefit both the community and your company (more emphasis on the company’s benefits).

A logical approach to this assignment is to devote approximately a third of your paper content to each of these areas:

Community issue
Connection to company
Program specifics

Content Requirements:

Select a for-profit company’s headquarters.
Select an issue local to the company’s location (headquarters) that will logically connect to your chosen organization in some way.
Find the name of the person(s) responsible for CSR policies at your chosen organization. This is your memo audience/recipient, and you should consider this person your boss for this assignment. NOTE: Consider this information common knowledge; there is no need to cite it.
Describe the proposed CSR program.
How will the program operate?
How will the program be implemented?
What will make it low or no cost? Use research.
How will the program address the community issue?
How will the program benefit the company?
Format Requirements:

Use standard business memo format (refer to format sample on Blackboard).
Include a strong opening that grabs the reader’s attention and states the purpose of the memo, as well as a closing paragraph with an action statement that clearly identifies logical next steps in the process.
Use first person sparingly. This memo is not about you.
Meet the page requirement of 2 page single-spaced typed pages; the required reference list does not count toward this page length requirement. Use Times New Roman, 12-point font, and make sure to have standard one-inch margins.
Include descriptive (more than one word) headings and structure throughout the memo to create a logical flow and make your document easy for a skimmer to scan the document. The opening paragraph should either have “Executive Summary” as the heading or no heading at all (this is the only section that could go without a heading; all other sections must have headings).
Research Requirements:

Find at least four sources that will provide support or data for your proposal. Your textbook, class materials, and the selected company’s website do not count toward the required sources. However, these sources would still need to be cited if you use any of these as additional research.
Cite sources in the actual memo (use signal phrases and internal citations) and include a reference list in APA format. It must be clear where your research begins and ends. Please review the “citation sandwich” slide posted on Blackboard.