Philosophy of Gifted Education

Assignment: Develop a paper on your philosophy of gifted education. in your thinking. address the question – why
should special programming for students with gifts and talents be provided? Your essay must include and address
each of the following bulleted points. be written according to APA style format. be free of grammatical errors. and
include justification of your comments from research in the field and your own informed opinion.
0 Models, theories. and philosophies that form the basis for gifted education practice including educational
terminology and definitions of individuals with gifts and talents
0 Relationship of gifted education to the organization and function of educational agencies including legal.
judicial, and educational systems’ involvement which impact the school/classroom environment of
students with gifts and talents
0 Historical foundations. classic studies. major contributors and legislation. and current issues related to
knowledge and practice
0 impacts of gifts and talents on the student‘s life and how these are best addressed (include discussion on
the specific impact gifts and talents may have on the student‘s attitudes, interests, and future/career
0 Ways specific cultures are negatively stereotyped and strategies used by diverse populations to cope with
these stereotypes
0 Importance of the teacher serving as a model for individuals with exceptional learning needs including
professional development and specific methods for staying current on research-based practices (Le.
relevant organizations. publications and service networks)