1. Read http://www.britannica.com/topic/Pictorialism#ref901618

2. Explore ART IN 19TH CENTURY EUROPE: Early photography from Khan Academy

3. 3. View P.H. Emerson’s naturalistic photography: P.H. Emerson (1856-1936) believed that “nothing in nature has a hard outline” and attempted to emulate natural eyesight wherein the subject is sharp and everything else gradually falls out of focus. Love art? Follow us on Google+

4. Write a three (3) paragraph minimum response addressing the following questions. Then reply to two classmate’s postings in one paragraph responses. (reaction or what you agree with and so on.)
• Discuss how photography affected various forms of art (painting, sculpture, etc).
• Use a specific example in your answer.
• In your own words, describe how this work was affected by photography. Write at least 3 paragraphs to justify your opinion with ample reasoning.