Please read very carefully Instructions in order to process the research paper accordingly. This is the booking name we use: “Effective Human Relations” Thirteenth Edition. Here is a recommend website for research


Maiqmgwrflljgggygg To study how human relations are being managed and handled in the workforce, by t
wnducing one interview with a. fellow classmate and two interviews in the workforce, comparing the three and
write a onclusion.
figscarh Ilnwggflumqions:
In class Interview one of your classmates. From outside tho classzlntcrvicw 2.“ employers/employees in the
workfo cc to answer your questions about the strategies they use to help them manage human relations in the
compel] y they own or work for. If possible, interview someone who is in a position within the company to deal
with hu nan relations. Conduct. the interview with all group members and do it face~to~faee. As it is easier to get.
the best inibimation. from. the interview when you are with the interviewee face-to-face.
Selena thitetiefonlntsnisnegs;
Like st ed before, interview someone who has the knowledge within the company to answer your questions. It
is even n ore interesting if you choose individuals fiom different companies that vary in, culture, size, focus of
busines etc. This way you will get a variety of answers that you can compare.
lgtervie ‘ ‘ postings;
fli‘he list below is a minimum list of questions to ask each interviewee. You should develop more questions of
interest ‘o you and then add those to this list. Then be sure to ask each of your interviewees that same group of
questio s. By having the same list of questions for each interviewee, you will have an easier time in writing up
your re eareh analysis because it will allow you to more effectively compare question responses across
individt als.
In addi n on to your list of questions, feel fi’ee to ask follow-up questions to help you fully understand their
responsr s to each of your questions.
l. What are some of the challenges you face regarding human. relations in this company?
2. Then go through each of those challenges one by one, asking the interviewee how he/she/the company
overcon es that challenge.
3. What type of support does the company offer regarding human relations?
4. Wha are the strengths regarding human relations?
5. How a o you or how does the company handle conflicts?
6. Do yu have any ideas/advice for us about Human Relations in the workforce?
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