Select any poem in the text and explicate it completely. Pay close attention to the theme of the poem as well as any imagery, symbolism, e

“Song of Myself,” 13; “When I Heard the Learn’d Astronomer,” 61; “When Lilacs,” 61; “Bird Came Down the Walk,” 76; “There Was a Poet,” 78; “I Died for Beauty,” 78; “Because I Could Not Stop for Death,” 84; “Richard Cory,” 830; “Mending Wall,” 883; “Fire and Ice,” 899; “Emperor of Ice Cream,” 1000; “What My Lips Have Kissed,” 1105; “My Papa’s Waltz,” 1424; “The Fish,” 1431; “We Real Cool,” 1463; “Daddy,” 1519; “Her Kind,” 1820; “Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers,” 1824; “Poem for the Young White Man,” 1859

These the list of poems to choose from and the instructions given are to basically just explicate the poem in an essay.

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