Political and Financial Reporting


This is a speech presentation approximately 15 minutes, all you need to do is cover all the 3 questions, I’ll upload attachment.
1.Are speeches and comments made in Parliament protected by different common law and statutory actions which are open to other citizens? Do state and territory parliaments have similar measures?
2.The media treats the financial industry exactly the same as any other industry: true or false? Explain your answer by addressing the key issues involved.
3.Do you think financial reporting considerations are an equity issue, a political issue or an issue of freedom of speech and good governance? Explain your answer by referring to one high-profile example.
Criteria & Factors Examined
1 Content/structure
What the student said (includes knowledge, and understanding of relevant subject-matter, structure of arguments)
2 Contextual aspect
The degree of analysis and critique (practical or jurisprudential) employed by the student
3 Presentation
How the student spoke (includes manner and delivery of argument, whether the arguments are succinct etc)
4 Responsiveness
Ability to listen, ability to answer questions or respond to discussion, ability to facilitate discussion
5 Generic skills
Did the student’s performance display the requisite skills required of presenting an argument