political philosophy

600 word (plus or minus 10% excluding reference page) essay on the following topic:
According to the textbook, Politics in the vernacular, what constitutes a national minority and how should a “majority” nation treat its immigrants?

*Please, ensure accurate APA format is followed, in the past write have followed inaccurate format. Also, refrain from any awkward sentences. Keep the language simple and informative. Avoid repeating sentences or information except when needed. Essay should have short introduction, followed with questions mentioned above and conclusion. Thanks

reference text: Chp. 8 The Theory and Practice of Immigrant Multiculturalism; chp. 10 From Enlightenment Cosmopolitanism to Liberal Nationalism, and Chp. 15 Minority Nationalism and Immigrant Integration.

Kymlicka, Will. (2001). Politics in the vernacular. Nationalism, multiculturalism and citizenship.