Politics of Seed law Pros and Cons: Ghana Plant Breeders Bill

Course: Global Food Politics

Use Paradigms (productionism, life sciences integrated paradigm, ecologically paradigm) as Analytical concept to analyze a food-related

Essay Title: Politics of Seed Law Pros and Cons: Ghana Plant Breeders Bill

NOTE: The course readings and lecture presentations (Paradigims, seed) are attached with numbers (1.,1.., 2, 3, 4, 5,)

Grading Criteria
1. Overall: The essay fulfills the assignment; it demonstrates serious grappling with
the topic; it engages with course readings and topics; it offers sophisticated insights and reasoning.
2. Topic and concept selection: Concept are appropriate for analyzing the selected food related issue, the issue under analysis is

adequately explained.
3. Concept definition: Concepts are clearly and accurately defined, and references to appropriate sources are provided.
4.Analysis: concepts are used analytically, rather than only descriptively.
5. Organization & Structure: The essay is logically ordered; the argument is easy to follow; the introduction and conclusion are clear,

concise, and connected; the essay has a useful title.
5. Referencing: References are correctly indicated in the text; they are completely and correctly referenced at the end.

Useful links
Sell, S.K. (2009) ‘Corporations, Seeds, and Intellectual Property Rights Governance’, in J. Clapp and D. Fuchs (eds) Corporate Power in

Global Agrifood Governance, pp. 187-223. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press.




The Need for Seed: Smallholder Farmers and the Plant Breeders Bill