Portfolio assessment


This assessment comprises of THREE tasks. You must complete ALL tasks. All
tasks are weighted equally.

All three tasks MUST be submitted in a single in the same Word or Pdf document.
Each PowerPoint in your presentation prepared for Task 1 MUST be individually
copied and pasted into the Word or Pdf document.
You are a researcher working for the government. You have been asked by your
manager to deliver a 30 minute professional development seminar to the new intake
of research interns on the topic of:
‘How to conduct an effective research participant interview’
The research interns are currently studying the first year of their degree and have
not completed interviews for research purposes before.
Prepare and submit a series of 12 PowerPoint slides which would underpin such a
Ensure that when preparing your PowerPoint slides you give consideration to:
The relationship between the subject matter and your target audience
The amount of information and the time constraints
The structure of your presentation
Correct referencing practice in relation to all sources