Post-Traumatic Stress Reactions-Reflection Paper


Post-Traumatic Stress Reactions
Reflection Paper
As you begin to gain a deeper understanding of the role of trauma and post-traumatic stress on psychological and emotional functioning, you are also gaining more insights into your strengths as a clinician.
For the reflection paper, discuss the areas of strength that you bring to the counseling relationship as you work with trauma survivors. Do not limit yourself to only discussing “topics” but also focus deeply on the professional AND personal skills that you bring to the table.
Be prepared to honestly discuss areas where you know that you could use more skill, experience or confidence.
This is a very thoughtful and meaningful assignment. Take your time and really allow this paper to help you grow as a clinician.
Please make sure that references are available on the internet. Please send me either PDF files for references or link. (Preferably US articles or research to be used as references)
Please be innovative writing this reflective paper.
This is some about me as the clinician, Multi cultural, speak Arabic as well as English in with my client’s population in the US.
I work with many cases who are resettled refugees in the United States, from IRAQ and other countries. Client’s population experience PTSD/ and depression.
• Outstanding knowledge of handling students of varied culture and tradition.
• Extensive knowledge of both written & spoken Arabic language
• Remarkable ability to handle from the basic level through advanced level
• Immense ability to handle a multiple batch of students
• Excellent communication skills English and Arabic
• Superior human relations, interpersonal and problem solving skills
• Developed program content, organized and led activities planned to enhance social development of individual members and accomplishment of group goals.
• Executed daily operations of resettlement process for new arrival refugees.
• Interviewed individual members to assess social and emotional capabilities.
• Selected program appropriate to particular group goals, level of development, needs, capacities and interests of group members.
• Secured supplementary information, such as medical records and school reports.
• Worked in collaboration with other professional disciplines.
• Provided a high level of interpretation services to staff and clients in both Arabic/English and English/Arabic.