Poster Assignment

Assignment Details


For this assignment you must choose at least 4 articles, containing data and analysis of data, from recent (at least one article within 12 months of poster deadline) volume(s) of research journal(s) in your field of study (dissertation project).


You must design and produce a poster, using PowerPoint (or other appropriate software), based on the research presented in these articles. The poster must contain the following:


The same section headings as one of the articles or, at a minimum: introduction (which probably contains the literature review), materials and methods, results, discussion/ conclusion (these can be either separate sections or combined), and references cited (only a small number of references, typically 1-4, should be cited on a poster);

 At least one table;

 At least one figure.


The A0 poster must be PDF-printed in A0 full colour. The module tutor will print the A3 version for marking – sometimes the colours are not as expected, which is why it is important to check your printed version before submission.




 Re-read your work after printing and before submission.

o Check the presentation – does it look how you intended?

o Check for spelling and grammatical errors.

 Choose your colour scheme with care to ensure adequate contrast and compatibility.

 Use a standard font and template for your work – please make sure that this font is
legible in A3 size!!!

 You should be summarising the work presented in the paper – not cut and pasting it.

 Reference your sources properly – otherwise you are potentially committing plagiarism.

 Be sure your images are crisp and clear.


Presentation Instructions


Ensure that the work is neatly and accurately presented.




All academic writing must be referenced. If you use other people’s ideas without referencing them you are plagiarising their work.


Use the Numeric System of referencing within your text. At every point in the text where a reference is made, insert a number (in brackets or superscript) and then list the references numerically at the end of your work.


Learning outcomes

This assessment will test your ability to meet the learning outcomes as described in your module booklet, specifically:


Find and critically evaluate relevant technical / research data and publications.
Demonstrate proficiency in technical writing and presentation.
Demonstrate effective referencing, appropriate to the subject area, and use of bibliographic referencing tools.