Practice in the Workplace


Please relate this paper to the Australian anmc competencies for nurses. Please use australian references as this is on the Australian nursing federation. Assignment 2 Practice in the workplace
Task: Pamela is a recently graduated registered nurse working in a small
private hospital. Within her workload is a client receiving Morphine by
intravenous infusion post-operatively. The client has been vomiting
intermittently during throughout the previous shift and it is now evening.
Pamela reports this to the senior nurse (Jane) on duty and requests that
the analgesia be reviewed. Jane tells Pamela to cease the Morphine
infusion and to give Metoclopramide 10mg slowly intravenously.
Pamela ceases the morphine via the patient’s IV line, but states there is
no written order for the Metoclopramide and that she is unwilling to
administer the anti-emetic without one. Jane then independently
administers the Metoclopramide intravenously. The client experiences
an allergic reaction which requires urgent medical intervention.
Discuss the ethical and clinical practice issues relevant to this scenario.
•?legal aspects such as duty of care and negligence.
•?scope of practice and standards of professional conduct, taking
cognizance of guidance (if any) provided for nurses via the
ANMAC competencies and/or Codes of Conduct and Ethics
•?the responsibilities of the nurse-client and nurse-nurse
An exhaustive list of discussion points for each subtopic is not required,
rather, you should talk to a fewer number of points in depth.
Your arguments/discussion points should be logical and objective, and
address relevant issues. To achieve this, avoid “I feel” or “I believe”
statements. This style of writing is different to the journal. Write in the
third person using formal academic language.
•?Your reference list should contain a minimum of 10-12 peer
reviewed journal references that are not more than 10 years old;
•?Internet sites should be used sparingly. Websites used should be
those of reputable professional organisations such as ANMAC. ANF. ANMC competencies
Do not use lay websites, Wikipedia, or personal blogs for
•?Use plain English. It is essential that you demonstrate that you
understand the nature of the topic.
•?Write in the third person; avoid personal pronouns such as ‘I’ and
•?Avoid long, confusing sentences and check that your tenses
(past, present and future) are consistent within the same
sentence; also avoid long, confusing paragraphs with multiple
•?Avoid posing questions; these detract from the strengths of your
•?Use plain English. It is essential you demonstrate that you
understand the nature of the topic;
•?Do not use headings.