Practicum Experience: Journal Entry

After completing this week’s Practicum Experience,1. reflect on a patient with a known history of asthma.2. Explain potential predisposing

genetic and environmental factors associated with asthma. previous clinical experiences.

Male pt 42 hx of asthma difficulty breathing
C/O shortness of breath and cough V/S 142/62 69,rep 22, sat 94% lung sounds done tactle fremitus done patient had developed pneumonia ,

patent was given a breathing treatment (look up drug ) Rocephen 1 gram IV and dexamethasone 10mg IM and tordaol 60mg IM and sent home with

prescription of azithromycin 500 mg first single dose than 250mg by mouth the next day for the next five days

patient is not a smoker and has no other health issues.