Principles of late adulthood

Discuss under biological theories: evolutionary, cellular clock, free radical, mitochondrial and hormonal stress theories. Under cognitive, talk about the mechanics and pragmatics. Under socioemotional theories: Erikson’s, activity, socioemotional selectivity and selective optimization with compensation theories. Please link the theories with interview examples. Also kindly provide the references that you took from all the websites.

In this assignment. you are to understand and apply the issues and principles of adulthood.
Your task is to interview two elderly (aged above 60 years old). who are of different gender.
to find out his/ her main challenges dining this stage of life compared to their mid-adulthood
and consider if they have attained “successful aging“.

(a) Explain the major changes (biological. cognitive. socio-emotional) experienced by the
two elderly people whom you have interviewed. Critically discuss the theories and/or
principles you have learnt. and apply these ideas to understand how developmental
processes have contributed to the main challenges faced by them.

(35 marks)

(b) Determine what successful aging means to each individual and consider how this matches
to our contemporary understanding of it.

(30 marks)

(c) Design one specific activity that could be taught to an elderly to promote successful

(15 marks)

(d) Attach an appendix of your selected questions for the interview.

(10 marks)