Process Evaluation


Compare and contrast process and end product evaluations.
Create a process evaluation for a dental hygiene skill.
Compare and contrast a process and an end product evaluation form; then develop a process form and utilize it to teach a skill in the clinical setting. You may use one of your instrumentation books to access forms. i.e. Nield-Gehrig, Pattison.
Process Evaluation
Process evaluation in dental hygiene refers to the assessment of how a specific task is performed. To develop a process evaluation you must first complete a task analysis to identify each step of the procedure that must be performed to correctly complete the task. A well-developed process evaluation not only serves as an assessment instrument but also serves as a step by step guide for the learner. Process evaluations are used frequently in pre-clinical education as the students are working to achieve competency in processes. In clinical dental hygiene there is greater focus on end product evaluation as students have advanced on the learning continuum. An example of a process evaluation (Barnhart 5/6) that includes reference to program outcomes may be found in the file in this folder. If you have access to other examples please post on the discussion board provided.
End Product Evaluation
The end product evaluation in hygiene education is used largely in determining individual course progress and in assessing patient care. For example when the instructor evaluates scaling they are performing an end product evaluation. Likewise when the instructor reviews the oral examination and determines if you have recognized pathological findings and recorded them successfully this is an end product evaluation because they are not examining the process ( steps of performing the evaluation) rather they are looking at the end results or end product. All of you are familiar with end product evaluations. Remember getting a final scaling check! These checks are usually awarded you points or a percentage based on the amount of calculus which remained.
In unit you will complete a task analysis of a dental hygiene skill and develop a process evaluation. You may select a skill of your choice for the task analysis and process evaluation.