Project 2: Irony

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Tenth Grade English 2 ENGH 036 059


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In Unit 3, you learned a lot about irony. Irony of situation, as you know, is the unexpected result of thoughts, behaviors, or events. This literary device is often used to support an author’s message. By showing unexpected results of certain behaviors, an author can call attention to the issues surrounding those behaviors.

Project 2 will allow you to further your understanding of irony of situation. You will write an account of an irony you experienced in real life and note what you learned from the situation. By doing so, you will gain a better understanding of the ways in which irony can be used in literature.

Your paper should be two pages (600 words) in length. In it, you should describe a personal experience in which you worked to achieve a goal that had unintended or unexpected results. You should answer the following questions in your paper:

• What were you trying to achieve?
• Why did you want to achieve this goal?
• How did you go about trying to achieve this goal?
• What happened because of your efforts?
• How did your results differ from what you had intended?
• What did you learn from your experience?

Your paper may be humorous, as ironies often are. For example, you may write about training your dog to bring in the morning newspaper each day. Your goal, of course, is to be able to sleep later. Suppose that by going outside each morning, however, your dog startles the neighbor’s dog and causes it to bark loudly. It would be ironic if the barking dog always awakened you. There are many concepts one could learn from this situation. The episode would provide an excellent example in a broader work about personal responsibility.

You will want to write several rough drafts of your paper. After writing a first draft of your project, put it away for awhile and do something else. Later, when you look at it again, you may find things you want to revise.

Type your final draft in the space provided at the end of this project assignment document (scroll down). Create a title for your paper and type it on the first line. Please DOUBLE SPACE your lines!

Your project will be worth 100 points. In grading your project, your teacher will look at the following items:


Project Grading Table (Teacher Use Only)
Points Possible Points Earned
Do you explain the goal you were trying to accomplish?
Do you explain how you tried to accomplish your goal?
Do you explain how your results differed from what you had expected?
Do you relate what happened in your experience to a broader message or idea? 20
Are your paragraphs well organized?
Do you use complete sentences and correct punctuation?
Is your paper free of spelling and grammatical errors?

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