Project on Test Designing


1- Highly recommend following the student sample essay as guides in writing this essay and follow his way in organizing this essay + template provided information.
2- This assignment is about designing test for IELTS proficiency test.
3- 3000 words for the essay as students sample to be covered without references, then after adding reference you need to write the test that you designed as appendices, and this is been showed in template. Two questions for each technique e,g multiple choice question one easy and one hard question, then you might choice fill in the blank and again tow questions one easy and on hard. You should provide two different article from different sources like, magazines and text books and you have to reference it clearly also it has to be suitable for IELTS test and not too long or too short, and the reason of choosing this type has to be mentioned in essay.
4- Remember to cover all four areas listening, writing, speaking and reading.
5- The questions has to be described clearly including the time needed for each technique and how many mark you giving for each question and how many for whole section, you can look to IELTDS tests as an sample to follow
6- Transcript has to be provided for listening and the answer for each question in each technique must be provided as been described in template
7- Cover all the detailed information been provided in template in writing this essay Your test design should include appropriate general test-taking instructions and specific directions for
8- each of the four test structures or sections (listening, speaking, reading and writing).
9- • You are encouraged to study sample test papers and test questions. However, no ready-made test papers or specific test contents or questions should be borrowed from the commercially available books.
10- You are required to select materials from different resources (each must be properly referenced) and design your own test questions. 11-Each test section and task should have brief and clear instructions.
12-• Specific description of each test structure or section is as follows
? Listening: design and develop two listening tasks, with each using two different formats, e.g. a short conversation and a short passage. The test questions are to be designed using two different test techniques, e.g. multiple choices, a short answer, etc. Transcripts should be provided in appendix although no audio recording is required.
? Speaking: design and develop two speaking tasks, with each using two different formats, e.g. one in the format of an individual presentation and the other a short dialogue. Marking criteria should be provided.
? Reading: design and develop one reading task. It should have six test questions and cover the following reading skills and techniques.
1. Understanding main idea
2. Skimming
3. Scanning
4. Understanding words and expressions in context, e.g. pronoun reference
5. Understanding words and expressions in context, e.g. contextual meaning, not literary meaning
6. Identifying the passage writer’s attitudes, viewpoints or implications, e.g. optimistic, pessimistic, and ironic or appraising. The test question format should include multiple choices, a short answer, gap filling and true or false.
? Writing: design and develop two writing tasks, with each task having two different formats, e.g. graph description-based and topic-based.
• A complete test paper with four test structures and specific test items and suggested answers, including marking criteria and the appendices.
• Substantiate your test design by integrating relevant second language assessment and testing theories wherever appropriate, by using in-text citations and listing no less than 10 references (e.g. scholarly books, edited book chapters and peer-reviewed journal articles)assessment Requirements.