Prompt: Is Macbeth’s Desire for Success and Advancement an Evil or a Good Desire? Why or why not?


Write on the topic below, using only your assigned readings and Macbeth as sources no outside commentary or criticism is allowed.
You must use Nietzsche “Will to Power” and/or Rand to help support your opinion.
Prompt: Is Macbeth’s desire for success and advancement an evil or a good desire? Why or why not?
Remember to:
Use direct textual evidence with correctly formatted citations from each of the sources
Establish a thesis in your introduction that answers the prompt
Use strong topic sentences in the body of your paper
Write an essay that has an introduction, body, and conclusion
Unsure how to cite using MLA format? Use your Bedford Handbook or this website as a reference
Remember that any good essay begins with a good introduction and clear thesis statement that lays out the argument of your paper. Your opening paragraph should mention the name of the author, the name of the works (and genres), and what you intend to discuss about the work. Your paper needs to be in MLA format. Please pay attention to all the requirements of this format ? spacing, presentation, and citation. You should use textual evidence from the works themselves in order to demonstrate your ideas.