provide your definition to a term that has a subjective meaning

  • Suggested Due Date ASAP
  • MLA format
  • No dictionaries in any form
  • No less than 1000 words
  • Follow the ’20 Rules’
  • 3-5 literary sources
  • Double-spaced
  • Avoid fallacious statements
  • 12 point, times new roman or courier new
  • Nothing will make this essay be ‘roundfiled’ quicker than using a dictionary of any kind


The intention of this essay is to provide your definition to a term that has a subjective meaning.  Dictionaries will define a word in a particular way, but that particular way is not always how an individual will define the same word.  For example, “love” will be defined by a dictionary in reference to ‘strong emotional connections between individuals,’ or something similar.  And, whereas the dictionary definition may be true, “love” is different for each person and as a result, each person will have his or her own definition of “love.”

Freedom         Family

Loyalty         Fear

Friendship      Justice

Patriotism      Equality

Courage         Success

Hate            Wealth




There are many words which carry subjective definitions (definitions that are independent from person-to-person).  At one time or another, many people are asked the rhetorical question: “what does freedom mean to you?” Subsequently, the person is to then write an essay explaining his or her perspective; this second essay is a collegiate-version.

There are many more words than those in the box, and the author’s job is to select one, and provide the personal definition, using literary evidence.  So, using songs/ poems/ speeches/ short-stories/ film and even anecdotal demonstrations (parables), provide the author’s own perspective on what the word means to him or her.