Essay Questions
answer the following in a one page essay response paper
1. Geraldo is so fearful of medical procedures that he has avoided routing dental checkups for over three years. He recently contacted a psychotherapist for help in overcoming his fears. Describe how a behavior therapist and a psychodynamic therapist would treat Geraldo’ problems.
2. Carl Rogers encouraged therapists to genuinely express their own true feelings during their interactions with clients. He also encouraged therapists to refrain from directing clients toward certain insights. Explain how a therapist might be genuine and nondirective and still be able to help a client who feels ashamed of his or her physical appearance and intensely anxious about developing close friendships.
3. Describe how a therapist might use both aversive conditioning and operant conditioning techniques to help a client overcome a compulsive habit of smoking three packs of cigarettes per day. Be clear about the exact procedures that would be used.
4. One of your best friends feels that he fails at everything he does and that his life isn’t worth living. When you suggest that he talk to a psychotherapist, your friend responds, “Talking won’t help. The more I talk about myself, the more I think about my problems. The more I think about my problems, the more depressed I get.” Explain why your friend’s comments illustrate his need for cognitive therapy. What procedures might a cognitive therapist use to help your friend overcome his negative feelings?
5. Does the research suggest that psychotherapy is effective? Explain. What are some specific ways that psychotherapies help people?