In class presentation of autobiography of person on the spectrum (Due 10/2 10%): You should read an autobiography by someone on the autism spectrum and prepare a brief (5 minute long) presentation for the class on the individual. The presentation should include quotes from the individual, interpretation of the quotes, and an attempt on your part to enter into the lived experience of the individual by reading or acting out an interpretation of how you think the individual’s experience of a specific situation might be similar to or different from yours. This presentation will help you develop your ideas about your final paper in which you will compare this autobiography of someone on the spectrum to an autobiography of a family member of someone on the spectrum.
1. Set up who individual is-blog author, age, gender, “level of functioning”, and cultural context: 2%2. Explain why individual is interesting to you: 1%3. Identify three quotes from the individual that could help others understand autism and how the quotes could help: 3%4. Identify one language atypicality that occurs in autism that the individual exhibits and one language atypicality that occurs in autism that the individual does not exhibit (with examples of why you think the individual does and does not struggle with specific aspects of language): 3%5. Quality of presentation: Eye contact with audience, voice loud enough, engaging gestures: 1%