Psychology Critical thinking

For the past few weeks, you have been reading and talking about the mechanics and manifestations of stress. Now it is time to practice putting

a bit of what you have been learning into action. For this first Learning Activity you will need your book, your workbook, and 2 or 3 scholarly

sources of information (journals, professionally vetted internet material, or other scholarly publications).

What we are doing:
You are going to use the worksheets in your workbook to first, identify some of your personal stressors, and second, evaluate how well you

think these worksheets work for you. Notice how this assignment ties into your PSMJ2? Consider how you might use this assignment to raise your

personal awareness about the stressor you have picked to focus on for PSMJ2.
Why we are doing this activity:
As you may have read in your textbook, we are not always aware that we are stressed or how that stress is manifesting itself. Part of the

purpose of this activity is for you to start learning more about yourself and what you can do to better care for you. The second purpose of the

activity is for you to start practicing skills to critically assess resources for yourself.
You will be writing a short, formal paper (500 words or more) which will include the following:
Choose and complete three exercises from chapters 1-8 in your workbook. Be sure to include all of the following information about the exercises

in your paper: the title, page number, purpose, and the results for each exercise.
Describe the following for each exercise: a) why you chose these exercises b) what you hoped to find, and c) if the results provided you with

information/insight/understanding you expected.
Describe what your feelings were as you worked through each of the exercises. Discuss your reactions to the results.
Talk about the following: a) any benefits your gained from the exercises, b) if you will or will not put the results into action, and why/why

not? how will you apply the results?
Finally, find and include 2-3 scholarly references which support the use of exersices, such as the exercises you have completed, for working

with people to address their stress/stress reactions.