Public Administration Essay Exam

Essay Exam Instructions.

1) Please review the pool of the three (3) possible questions for this exam. I suggest you develop draft outlines for all of

the questions. In developing your drafts, follow the series of questions within each question, because they provide an outline for


2) Find your sources and citations so that you have them at the ready when you need them.

3) On the day the exam opens you find only one question to answer. Because you have the questions in advance, time to draft a

good response, you should be able to submit a substantial answer written with no grammar or spelling errors.

4) Answer the ENTIRE QUESTION in the order it is asked. Do not leave any part of the question out. The series of questions

within each question provides an outline for you to follow.

4) Label each section before you answer it. (Headings and Subheadings)
5) Provide an in-depth answer reflecting not only your comprehension of the material presented but also a comprehension of the

interrelationships associated with the concepts in the question and information presented in class by the instructor.
Double space your answer using 12-point font in Times New Roman.
6) Use excellent technical English including avoiding passive voice, no indefinite “it” pronouns. Please use a topic sentence

to begin each paragraph. Please no long sentences or one sentence paragraphs. Please Spell Check your work before you submit it.

7) Your answer must logically flow from one point to the next in an interrelated manner with good transitions.

8) Place your name on a cover page and page numbers on your answer document. When you are satisfied with your answer, review

the Universal Intellectual Standards listed here:
a. Clarity
b. Accuracy,
c. Precision,
d. Relevance,
e. Depth,
f. Breadth,
g. Logic,
h. Significance, and
i. Fairness.
Now apply them to your answer. If your answer satisfies all the appropriate criteria go ahead and submit it.