Public Relation


The objective of this assignment is to develop and present a creative international public relations/public diplomacy campaign to promote an issue or image for an international client who might be an individual, corporation, NGO, government or IGO for whom international image is important. You are presenting your own campaign. It is a sales pitch, not an academic paper, but needs to be well researched. You present your campaign proposal to your prospective client. Remember that you must identify and describe who you are – that is your PR agency and who your prospective client is. For instance, if Australia is experiencing an image problem in Indonesia, your prospective client may be the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. You need to analyse the client’s image problem and the specific audience in the country where the image problem exists. Saying ‘people of Indonesia’ will not suffice. Use Diffusion Theory to analyse the audience strategically and identify opinion leaders. Remember it must be an international campaign (e.g. Australian campaign in Indonesia), not a domestic one (eg. Australian campaign in Australia). It can be public relations, public diplomacy or advertising but it must be a specific campaign. So you kind of have to be creative in making your own campaign to solve the image problem of us. Please find attached to start off. The scenario is in the attached. Please note that there is a typo in attached, the client is China and the audience is United States
Grading Criteria:1. Demonstrate appropriate and independent research2. Identify and describe actors3. Contextualise the actor’s image problem4. Application of Diffusion Theory to analyse the target audience and opinion leaders5. Design of a new campaign strategy6. Effectiveness of PPT slides7. Succinctness of the delivery of the campaign pitch