Quantitative Research

Literature Review – Click on the links below to download and review the files for this assignment

Use the information to identifi’ the content you will need to include in the Literature Review section

of your mini-research proposal. 0 Mini Research Proposal Template 0 Unit 3 – Brief Literature

Review Rubric – Maximize your score by reviewing the rubric instructions to ensure you have met 5
the criteria. – Identijy a research topic – Identify the key words/search terms and variations you will

use to systematically search the literature to find what information is available on your research

topic. – Search the literature using your key words/variations and using practices learned during the
Unit – Identify between 5 and 10 research-quality. scholarly sources on your topic. – Organize the
literature by creating an outline, concept map. or literature map, as needed. – Write a 1-2 page
well-organized literature review. integrating and synthesizing literature from the 5-10 sources

found. – Add your name to the proposal template