[Question 2] Choose a Scene from a Film or Television Episode

In your essay you must refer to some of the ideas discussed in the lectures of either Freud, Lacan, Reich, Jung and Campbell or a combination of them (i.e., Freud & Reich, or Campbell & Jung). You must refer directly to texts written by these thinkers (that is, you must quote directly from some of their writings in elaborating your analysis of your chosen scene).
Choose one question from among the following:
[Question 2] Choose a scene from a film or television episode in which there is a particular representation of ?madness?.
? Analyse how madness is represented in the film or television episode (if appropriate, you should analyse the actors? performance, the mise en scene, the cinematography, etc).
? You will also need to describe how this representation allows the filmmaker to articulate and/or criticize what is ?normal?.
? You should describe where this scene appears in the narrative and how it articulates the theme(s) of the film or television episode.
The film you choose does not have to be narrative/fictional: it can be a documentary, a television advertisement or some other form of moving image?but it must have something to say about the nature of the human psyche and relate to the questions (above). If you choose a documentary form, discuss your choice with your tutor before embarking on your essay
Your essay should focus on how the filmmakers represent the scene, drawing on analytical skills you learned in ACM120, Moving Pictures.
You need to state which question you are answering in your essay. You need to include references. You need to reference correctly. You need to include a bibliography