Questions of Governance When There is Nowhere to Hide

Thanks Getup! Questions of Governance When There is Nowhere to Hide
(Relations of visibility and questions of governance. Activist groups and practices of mobilisation. Thanks Getup! Communication platform assemblages, social media and the creation and control of agency. Discourses of ‘solutionism’.)
The aim of the assessment is for you to engage in-depth with the content. Additionally, the content is designed to be engaged with from multiple disciplinary perspectives including, but not limited to, historical or genealogical approaches, textual or discursive analysis, Actor-Network Theory style interrogations, analysis of industry strategy or government policy, and media philosophy.
1.Students will research and write a formal 2500 word essay.
2. At least 12 scholarly sources should be used and essays must be fully and accurately referenced.
3. An in-text referencing style (sometimes known as ‘author-date’, ‘Harvard’ or ‘APA’ style) is required (NOT footnotes or endnotes).
4. Essays must be typed with 1.5 line spacing
Marking criteria:
1.Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the topic.
2.Extent and relevance of research.
3. Coherence and efficacy of the essay’s argument.
4. Clear and correct acknowledgement of sources.
5. Clarity and precision of written expression.