Raising Minimum Wage

Rogerian Argument “Consensus-Seeking Argument”
Description of Assignment The Rogerian argument is a rhetorical model that prioritizes cooperation from an oppositional audience

through strategic communication. For this assignment, develop and personalize your voice for that oppositional audience. Find

common ground and propose a shared solution to an unresolved societal issue. Research heavily to give due diligence to multiple and

oppositional viewpoints. In your writing, don’t argue to win or convince your opponent to believe something they’ll never believe.

However, offer your own viewpoint while aiming to arrive at a solution marked by compromise and collaboration. Use: • The Rogerian

Model to Structure Ideas, • Framing to Combine Research with Original Content (G&B 42 – 51), • Metacommentary to Develop &

Elaborate Ideas (G&B 129 – 138), and • Mixed Formal/Informal Language to Develop “Academic” Voice (G&B 121 – 128).

The Rogerian Model
 Shared Exigence. First, and most importantly, illustrate the problem we all share.
 Common Ground. Next, determine one or more fundamental points on which both sides can agree.
 Point(s) of Contention. Then, define the specific constraints that raise disagreement.
 Benefits and Limitations. As you define, rationalize your own viewpoint over that of your opponent.
 Collaboration. Arrive at one or more solution(s) that acknowledge and accommodate the opposition.
Final Essay
Text ~5-6 Pages MLA Headings & Formatting
250 Points

5 Source Minimum Attention and Consideration of Credibility MLA Works Cited & Parenthetical References