Rare-Earth Metals in Tech Devices

As we read about computer hardware, let’s think for a moment on the intersection between sustainability and environmental justice, and hardware life cycles, upgrades, and e-waste.

Conduct an Internet research to find out what rare-earth metals are used in your favorite or most used technology device(s). Find out:​
Which rare-earth metals are used in the manufacturing of your device? ​You can pick a particular device component.
Where do they come from? ​
How are they extracted? ​
What are the implications of metal extraction to the communities in effected areas, such as water quality and availability, air quality, farm land, health, human rights, and labor practices? ​Discuss at least 3 of those areas.
Regarding the device that contains these metals, how should the device be disposed of at the end of its useful lifetime? ​Where in your local community can you take it for proper recycling? And then, what happens to our e-waste? Where does it go?
Submit a short report of your findings, particularly on issues of environmental justice and/or labor practices.
Share your thoughts on what impact, if any, this new information may have on your purchasing habits when it comes to your tech gear.​
Cite your sources:
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*** All sources must be vetted for credibility.