Reactivity of M-C Bonds and Catalytic Formation of Heterocycles


Details are shown in the word document attached. There are two tasks, one is writing up a brief report about the topic of the project, and the other one is making a work plan describing experiments to be carried out. And please use font size 11 and Arial. With the layout used in the word document I have attached.
Please write 3 pages for the brief report and 4 pages for the work plan with as much detail as you can. Please forget the cover and blank pages at the beginning and the end of the work as I will do the page layout myself.
1. Write a brief report (2-3 pages) outlining the key background to the project (CH activation, particularly AMLA/CMD, some on catalysis with heterocycles)
2. Construct a work plan, describing experiments to be carried out. Include ideas on how to synthesise ligands and preparation of metal complexes.