Reconstructing an argument from Locke’s Second Treatise

Reconstructing an argument from Locke’s Second Treatise and evaluate it
Second Paper Instructions

Reconstruct the following argumentfrom Locke’s Second Treatise and evaluate it.

“[A father] may indeed annex such conditions to the land, he enjoyed as a subject of any commonwealth, as may oblige his son to be of that community, if he will enjoy those possessions which were his father’s; because that estate being his father’s property, he may dispose, or settle it, as he pleases.” (116).

[You will likely need to read the surrounding passages to get a sense of what Locke’s point is here, but you should focus on explaining the particular argument in the passage.]

Papers should be about 3 pages (of double spaced Times New Roman) and saved as word documents.

You will be graded on:
1. Your clarity of expression.
2. Your understanding of the text.
3. Whether you organize the argument in a logical manner that renders it relatively plausible and includes all (and only) the necessary premises.
4. Whether you offer a plausible objection to or defense of Locke.

should be submitted on Blackboard.You may not submit the paper by email. I will deduct a grade for every day the paper is late beyond the due date.

Cheating: I will not tolerate cheating. It is a good idea to discuss your paper with others but the work you turn in must be your own, not a duplicate or near-duplicate of some other student’s or taken from the internet. Cheating will result in an F for the course and sanctions form the Honor Code office.

If you’re having problems writing the paper don’t panic! – Write to or come see me and we’ll talk about it.