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i attached the assignment brief and rubric and the chart which mention in the brief ..i would like to engage the chart to the reflection in good way which make the report reflection in perfect shape ..please try to us as many as you can from the reading source i attached and lectures ..which is going to help..also i want most of the paper at least 90% in reflection style using i and me and we …On completion of this assignment you should be able to:• analyse the development of your ideas and insights and their implications for your practice as a formal or informal leader in project teams.• reflect on the content of the Project Management Leadership course and on your own learning process.• analyse and discuss your own responses to the key concepts/issues from course work and readings which were most relevant to your own leadership practice.• identifyo your current leadership strengthso areas for further developmento a specific and detailed action plan (short- and medium-term) to further develop your project management leadership skills