Reflection Paper #1


Why Strategic Planning?


What if I tell you, you are not different? It’s the family albums that lie…

– Adrienne Rich


This paper can be viewed as framing the context of your final strategic plan. I believe that to the extent that you can lead a strategic planning process for another, you need to reflect on how you have been “strategically planning” your life. To that end, I also expect that your paper also answer “what would make this course worthwhile?” and “what will be your contribution so that this course is worthwhile?”


For now, you will not be expected to “cite appropriately” nor provide references, unless, of course, you are directly quoting. I am requesting, however, that you tap into your own experience and expertise to reflect upon the impact any of the exercises or readings have had on you thus far.


For the most part, I expect this paper to be “free flowing” and focused. In other words, make sure the paper “as a whole” makes sense and avoids rambling. Although this paper needs not be APA at this point, please strive for grammatical excellence. Also, please limit your “reflecting” to 3 pages, double-spaced.
Given that I want this to come out of your “truth”, please use the readings to complement your paper, not dictate how you “define” the purpose for strategic planning.
The following list of questions can serve as a guide. DO NOT feel compelled to answer every question below. The primary question the reflection paper needs to answer is “Why are you the way you are?” and “to what extent are you ‘strategically planning’ your life?” However, go beyond simply describing yourself and provide some personal analysis to your reflections (e.g., “I believe I am this way because…”). This is your “theory of you.”
What does strategic planning mean to you?
What is the relationship between planning and behavior?
How have you been affected by your life experiences? Examples for consideration might include:
o What experiences have contributed to your strengths and weaknesses?
What opportunities do you currently have access to that can facilitate your goals?
What barriers exist that might obstruct the kind of leader you wish to be?
Who do you rely on to give you support, advice and feedback?
How have you been affected by your social, physical and educational environments?
What role have you had in affecting your social, physical and educational environments?
How have you been influenced by the larger sociopolitical society?