Reflective Essay on Anaesthetic Practice

Compare 2 reflective cycles and choose the best.
Patient desciption: 45yr old female, normally fit and well, complained of stomach ache for 2wks with vomitting.
Needs an urgent laparatomy
Learning outcomes to be includes:
Prepare equiptment and materials for local anaesthesia thus using spinal anaesthesia or epidural anaesthesia (comparing the 2)
Provide aesthetic support to patients undergoin procedures and safely prepare materials for infusions, transfusions, CVP and invasive moitoring
Legal requirements of checking the surgical patient for identity, procedure, site and informed consent
Knowledge of pharmacology including local anaesthetics, anti-emetics,diuretics, diazapines etc while discussing drug legislation and implications for healthcare practitioners and their staff
Assist medical staff to establish and maintain patent airway in the patient using an endotracheal tube, laryngeal mask, oropharyngeal and naso-pharyngeal airways(comparing these n selecting the best)
Identify, evaluate and discuss concepts in relation to bloodgroups with emphasis on the importance of this to collection and checkin blood for transfusion and rationale of use.