“Renewable energy will be the most significant challenge for the oil industry.”

Explain, by citing three reasons, whether you agree or disagree with this statement.
I agree with this statement, and reasons are
1. Renewable energy is less harmful to the environment.
2.Oil is a finite type of energy which will eventually finish, also oil is not found everywhere. while renewable energy is not finite and can be implemented everywhere
3.Oil cause political problems between countries.
elaborate on those reasons.
Provide a brief but relevant context / introduction about the subject matter;
Respond CLEARLY to the statement and use appropriate topic sentences. You must ensure that your position throughout the paper is CONSISTENT;
Illustrate your topic sentences/reasons with relevant examples, statistics and/or quotations, to make your argument as convincing as possible, drawing from our course materials and discussions during presentations as much as possible; and
Demonstrate that you are aware of different perspectives on this subject matter; but yet are able to respond to your detractors and defend your point of view.