Please when writing the report refer to the source, so I can go back to respective one and read through. Even a website link in brackets to the source will help. It will also help with bibliography.
Requirements of the report:
Quantitative problems
Correctly identify incremental capital budgeting cash flows and calculate various measures relating to capital budgeting problem using appropriate finance methodology with no errors.
Identify and determine the cost of capital and be able to compute the cost of capital correctly with no flaws.
Conceptual problems
Explicit and detailed analysis of all elements in business environment that cause cost of the individual source of capital to be high or low. Analysis of elements demonstrates a very broad and deep knowledge of the topic
Financial technology
Data used skilfully and demonstrates explicit integration into the analysis. The correct answers are derived using multiple relevant sources and the results are presented in a clear and professional manner.
Analyze business situations
Quantitative and qualitative analysis persuasively and explicitly supports the conclusion and recommendations incorporating all factors determining the cost of capital.
Financial research
Has developed and justified own ideas based on a wide range of sources which has been thoroughly analysed, applied and discussed. Reference list of an extensive rant of resources used.
Academic writing
The output is logically argued, and well written in a manner that very effectively conveys the key outcomes and recommendations to the end user. All references and sources acknowledged and professionally presented.