Research and Critical Review Exercise

Please follow the instruction bellow:
1. You are required to identify an economic article or academic paper (Wheat hits record as global demand depletes supply) and write an essay of 700-800 words critically reviewing the article or paper. The Chosen article is Wheat hits record as global demand depletes supply. Please follow the link for full details of the article which has been written by ABCNews USA.
2. Briefly summarise the main points of the article. Comment on the accuracy of the writer’s use of economic concepts.
3. Indicate how the article pertains to topics in microeconomics or macroeconomics. Be sure to identify and discuss the model/models or economic theory/theories implicit in the article. Is the article well written? Why? Why not?
4. What have you learned about microeconomics or macroeconomics from the article?
The essay should mainly contains the following factors:
1. Market Demand, Supply and Equilibrium
2. Elasticity, Market Outcomes and Market Intervention
3. Production Issues and Costs
4. Market structures: Perfect competition
5. Competition, Monopoly and Efficiency